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Everyone knows that mold is a very serious problem. It can cause major health problems and decrease the value of your house. Doctor Rooter Inc. knows how important the health of your family is. Here we will provide you with tips that will help you to prevent mold issues.


Basements, Foundations, and Crawlspaces

If you are building a new house, make sure foundation is waterproofed and sealed according to building code requirements. It is much cheaper and easier to waterproof foundation when the house is being build, than doing it afterwards.

Crawlspaces open outside and that is the major reason why they tend to be damp. Very often it is a challenge to keep moisture out of the crawlspaces. If mold does not get found early enough, mold spores can travel into the living space of your house. Doctor Rooter Inc. offers some steps you can take to prevent mold problems:

  • Inspect your crawlspace regularly;
  • Use a dehumidifier;
  • Install a vapor barrier;


Thinking about finishing your basement?

Always ensure concrete walls and floors are completely dry before installing frames and dry wall.

Ensure your finished basement is "breathing". The major cause of the mold in the basement is aqueous vapor (gas phase of water). Vapor could turn into a real problem when concrete basement walls get enclosed by wood and dry walls.

Quick Tips for the Home Owner:

  • Do not put grease down the kitchen drain as it can solidify and cause plugging.
  • Don't wash coffee grounds, tea bags or egg shells down the sink.
  • Pasta and rice may not pass through the garbage disposal. They are best disposed of in the compost pile or the non recycling trash.
  • Minimize the organic solid wastes (ie food) that are put down the kitchen drain. Follow with water to flush the pipes.
  • Do not put materials that cannot decompose down any drain.
  • Do not allow hair to go down the lavatory drain.


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