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Foundation Parging Services Toronto

Parging (or pargeting) is a way to apply a smooth surface to a masonry wall. It is most commonly used to apply a smooth surface to the exterior of a masonry foundation so that a waterproofing compound can be applied more easily.

Foundation Parging Services

Foundation parging is an affordable way to increase the value of your home. If you have problems with cracked or flaking foundation, let Doctor Rooter Inc. provide you with great solution. We will improve the look and safety of home.

Parging is an application of cement to your foundation that gives it a smooth, clean appearance. It repairs foundation cracks and seals it from water penetration that can cost you thousands.

Foundation Parging

With Foundation parging we increase the value of your home significantly. It provides aesthetics appeal as well as an insulating and protecting coat against the elements and humidity.

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