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Basement Lowering / Underpinning Toronto

The most established form of basement underpinning uses a combination of concrete and piers. Some people might refer to this as ‘traditional underpinning’ but this is actually a slight modification since the earliest form of underpinning didn’t use piers. While the concrete adds to the basement’s overall durability, the presence of piers increases its load-bearing strength.

Basement Lowering / Underpinning

Doctor Rooter offers a variety of underpinning techniques for subsidence and ground level reduction. Our expertise and engineering capabilities enable us to offer you the most effective and appropriate underpinning solution for your underpinning project whether it large or small. If your cellar does not have enough headroom to enable it to be made into a livable space, or indeed you have no cellar space, Doctor Rooter can lower the foundation through underpinning. Underpinning will give you new drains, plumbing, proper under slab drainage and it will also increase the value of your property.? Underpinning allows you to enjoy the extra basement area space as a recreational room, basement apartment or more.

Basement Lowering Services

Within the construction niche, basement underpinning pertains to the process of repairing or re-strengthening an existing foundation of a building. Basement underpinning is usually referred to as a repair method but it is also advised by landscapers for prolonging the durability of a residential building. We carry out domestic and commercial underpinning.


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